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What is a Passion Capitalist?

A Passion Capitalist is an organization that has achieved long term success by creating Passion Capital; the energy, intensity, and sustainability needed to generate superior results. It’s what enables small start-ups to compete with large multinationals, and large multinationals to stay relevant over time. Passion Capitalists are guided by a strong set of values and beliefs that form the basis of a distinctive culture that fuels their performance. They are courageous; often having to overcome significant obstacles. They build strong brands anchored by their culture, which guide their strategies, the people they hire and promote, and the way they operate.

Help us recognize and celebrate Canada’s Passion Capitalists

We believe there are literally hundreds of Passion Capitalists in Canada, many of which are unknown to most Canadians. By identifying and sharing the stories and practices of Canada’s Passion Capitalists, we feel that we can help others ignite Passion Capital within their organization. If you believe your organization has Passion Capital, please click Apply.

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